Thursday, July 5, 2012

1-Week Old Betta Fry Feeding on Baby Shrimp

Introducing Variety to the Diet of Betta Fry:

The fry are 1 week old and have been feeding on microworms. 

Today they are given a treat and are fed with newly hatched baby brine shrimp for the first time.

They quickly gobbled them all up and soon all their stomachs turned peach/orange, they loved it. 

The downside is baby brine shrimp are much higher maintenance than microworms. If you can't get all the unhatched eggs and hatched egg shells seperated from the BBS, then you will have a massive cleaning job to get all the shells and unhatched eggs out of your fry tank. You need to do this or to prevent water pollution which of course can affect your fry's health seriously.

Also you need to feed BBS within 8 - 10 hours of hatching otherwise they lose their nutritional value because BBS develops very fast and use up all their nutrition in the process.  This makes them nutritionally less valuable to feed to your fry the longer you wait after they've hatched.

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