Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Teach Your Betta Cool Tricks: How to Jump For Food!

How to Train Your Betta to Jump for its Food!


  • Teach your betta to respond to food first before you try other tricks so you can use this learnt trigger to train your fish for other stunts.
  • Remember to reward your betta ie. feed it, after it has done what you wanted. But do not overfeed!
  • Do not over-train your betta as it will leave the fish stressed.
  • Remove the tools eg. hoop, pen, when you have finished training!
  • Divide the tank up for training if there are other distractions within the tank eg. other fish,
  • Or use a different training tank.
  • If you have patience and do not overtrain your betta, your fish will actually enjoy these interactive sessions and keep stimulated in an otherwise .... let's face it ... cage, ie. it will become more of a pet rather than just a showcase item.