Monday, October 15, 2012

Betta versus Oscar - Size Matters

Don't Do This - Size matters and the Oscar is a well-designed predator who
will quickly devour the smaller Betta Fish if you should tempt Fate 
by placing them together in your tank.

This Betta stood no chance against the larger, carnivorous Oscar with its sleek form, lightning, strike-speed and huge, powerful jaws.

Even smaller Oscars won't hesitate to strike if you place them together with Betta or other smaller fish.

They seem to be constantly ravenous and will prey on smaller fish in the vicinity with no hesitation at all.

When you see them in action you will realise just how well Nature designed Oscars as feeding-machines.

If you are seeking a buddy for your Betta fish try a small turtle as these two will cohabit peacefully and are fun to watch together.